Smart Wireless WiFi & RF 1 Gang 3 Way Touch Light Switch Pack - White Glass


Install our WIFI/RF Controllers directly on to any lighting circuits. Easily RF pair to our Wall Remote Control Glass Panels - Then also over WIFI install the app and control via a phone, tablet or suitable smart device.

This product is ideal for any room type or area. Establish 1-way,  2-way, 3-Way and so on controls internally. Easily RF pair with our Glass RF Wall Remote Control Panels in multiple locations. No Wiring required between switches as the controller communicates over radio-frequency (RF433.92MHz band.)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x WIFI&RF Controller (Model: PC-20ARFWFW)
  • 3 x 1-Gang Glass Wall Remote Control Panel (Model: G1-1GACRW) 


The controller can be used with the following models:

GLSTouch (AC) Glass RF Wall Remote Control Panels:

GLSTouch (DC) Glass RF Wall Remote Control Panels: