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- Purchased the wrong item.

- Changes in your project and layout.

- Purchased too many items and want to return due to surplus.

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All items with 'FREE SHIPPING' is usually dispatched, via Royal Mail 2nd Class Service (delivery aim 2-5 working days.)

For express shipping options selected, we will always provide clear estimated delivery times and/or guaranteed days.  

In the unlikely event you wish to return a purchase - We will always ensure this to be a swift process. Please always ensure you contact us prior to returning purchased products, in order to avoid any delays. For more information, please read our Returns Policy.

Product Support

Due to the electronics within the products, a minimum of 35mm depth wall back box is recommended.

Yes, the remote touch light switches use RF (radio Frequency 433.92MHz) technology and the remote controllers can be used up to 30 meters away. Please note, if there are large metal objects, this can interefere with rf signal range.  

In most homes, all our switches and sockets can be used with existing wiring you already have.

Yes we would always recommend the use of qualified and competent people to carrying our any electrical work.  This is both for your own safety and the correct safe installation of our products.

All electrical wiring must be done by qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box show how to fit the switch, employ a qualified electrician to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.

Yes certainly, especially those suffering from joint related conditions and find pushing switch buttons a challenge. Using our light switches require minimal effort, all operated by a gentle touch. The gang sensors on the switches have a glass touch sensitive panel. This requires no pressure to turn on or off your lights.

The light switches all have a full tempered glass front panel.

The Neutral terminal connection is Optional to use! This is not required to be connected on a single-live switch wiring setup here in the UK. We have this for some EU customers that requrie a nuetral at teh switch plate,

Unlike mechanical rocker switches, we have reduced the the wiring required to go into our touch panel light switches. These are electronic products and can use the one permanent live to provide mains ac power to all the loads required i.e. a main (load-carrying) 3-gang touch switch would need 1 x Permanent-Live and 3 x Switch-Lives (loads) only! Please check our 'Datasheet' for more information.

RF-2Way / Multi-Way Setups

By using our RF system setup - You are effectively replacing the the 2-way or intermediate (3-way) physical wiring to instead be used 'Wire-Free' over Radio-Frequency (RF433.92MHz.)

We can offer several solutions depending on your home setup requirements. Mainly we can use either our 'RF Controllers' and 'RF Wall Remote Control Panels' or our main (load-carrying) 'Touch Panel Light Switches' and 'RF Wall Remote Control Panels.' You can also take a look at our RF illustration Guides.

We deployed up to 5-Ways i.e. with one RF Controller we used a combination of three 1-Gang (AC version) RF Wall Remote Controls Panels & then used two 1-Gang (DC version) RF Wall Remote Control Panels for one home setup. The RF Controller acted as the main switch and the RF Wall Remote Panels could all turn ON/OFF from five separate locations around the home. All communicating over radio-frequency so no switch-wires are required in each switch location!

This offer a cost effective solution to get the controls around the home. All operated via our glass panel sensors. 

Yes - All our RF-Enabled (load-carrying) products either Touch Panel Light Switches, RF Controllers, RF UK Plug Adaptor or our WIFI&RF Controller can all be paired and controlled with our RF Wall Remote Control Glass Touch Panels.

The combination and setup of controls is very flexibly and versatile. For example you could in theory have a 4-Gang RF Wall Remote Control Glass Panel and each gang sensor could be paired to turn ON/OFF various 'RF-Enabled' GLSTouch main Touch Switches, Controllers & RF UK Plug Adaptors around the home, all over radio-frequency wire-free!

Yes you can individually programme each button on the hand-held remotes, to operate multiple gang sensors i.e. for a main (load-carrying) touch panel light switch.

And also use any spare buttons to operate our RF Controllers or even the RF Plugs.

In addition, you can have several remote controllers (like an additional spare) that can also be used. Each remote button can uniquely be paired with multiple GLSTouch 'RF-Enabled' devices. You are free to mix and match various different setup controls as you like.

Home Automation

Yes - We have started a few products that can be used with Smartphone App control. Navigate to our Home Automation section to see our latest products.